Monday 1 October 2012

October Barbel

Got one! 5lb 3oz... About fourteen pounds to go...


  1. Now that is one hell of a decent fish,
    Well done Brian,

  2. Dont take this as a criticism fellas but does the challenge really mean anything if you,re catching the same group of fish again and again from the same couple of swims judging by your photos

    1. Hi Bill, not taken as a criticism, in fact a good question.

      For the sake of this years challenge we're counting repeat captures twice. Something we decided before the season started due to a repeat tipping us over the challenge weight last year.

      It's the last season of barbel challenges for a while, got my sights set on something else next year.

      The fact is we've only caught barbel from about 12 spots this season, despite exploring miles of river.

      A few factors we didn't bank on are at work here; the quickest stretch to get to is getting fished more due to us both working longer hours this year. And we've found a couple of shoals of fish and, on the longer sessions, after hours without a bite it's far too tempting to head back and try and avoid a blank.

      Not very purest, and nothing beats a fish from a new swim, especially if you have to cut your way to the water - but we've had a few of them - which are the extra special fish.