Friday 14 September 2012

Barbel Time

Really wanted to get a few more barbel on the challenge before the end of the month, so I tried to finish work by four. I finished at 5.30 and was on the first train to the river, Dan was on the train behind... Fortunately the barbel wanted to play today, 6lb 15oz above.

As it got dark, 4lb 8oz

Bored with sensible photos, 6lb 9oz

7lb 14oz

And 7lb 7oz to end on... Fantastic!


  1. They are really on the munch at the moment,shame I'm on holiday in Holland until next weekend....always the way it goes.

    1. Hopefully they'll still be on the feed when you get back. But it is getting cooler, they will be tough to tempt soon...

  2. That barbel on the close-up photo has a really impressive mustache. Well, people do say that pets look like their owners... Definitely not a sensible photograph! :-P

  3. Great to see a nice night of fishing that was so productive, but yeah things are starting to cool down now so these critters are gonna get hard to tempt