Tuesday 17 July 2012


Evening session searching for barbel and Darren and I headed for some out-of-the-way swims. I lost a fish early on (forgot to check the far too lose drag, stupid mistake) then we had a long wait before I had yet another eel. And it was starting to look like that was going to be it...

Darren had a bite, long after it should have been home-time, and a cracking fight in the dark water. When you only get the odd glimpse of the fish in the moonlight you really do start to imagine a monster!

Once it hit the net we could see it was a good fish, not a double but a fantastic looking 9lb 0oz, brilliant!

I had done the pre-baiting duties, it was great to return the favour from when Darren pre-baited before my double a couple of weeks ago...

Now I need to catch one, it's been over a week..!

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