Thursday 19 July 2012

Mission: RedFin

This evening I started my campaign for a pound plus Wandte roach, accompanied by Dan who, as always, was after a barbel.

I think I've found a little shoal of roach in a spot I wasn't really expecting to find them. I got nowhere near a pounder but it's always nice to catch one - I can work from here.

I did manage four species of fish; roach, chub, dace and a new river species, a perch. All caught on sweetcorn - the perch grabbed the corn as I was winding it in. A great evening's entertainment!

Dan didn't find a barbel, but we've rediscovered a few spots to try, and he added an eel to make our grand total 5 species today.

We also saw the pike, sprats on standby...

Small chub, always game!

Dace getting on for 8oz, need some delicate scales.

And a rare Wandte perch, my first from the river.


  1. Just realised this is my 300th post, wonder how much fishing-time I've wasted writing stuff on here?

  2. Ooh Happy Blog Anniversary. Knowing this river, time spent writing just reduces frustrating hours on the bank hunting these cagey fish and thus increases your sanity. Going to be wasting lots of fishing time myself in the next few weeks as have agreed to lay a patio in the back garden....