Thursday 19 January 2012

Roach Race V

As you can see from the photo - it didn't go exactly to plan... Back to where I found the roach on Tuesday, this time armed with a few slices of bread to pick out the bigger roach. It didn't work, it attracted monster gudgeon and tiny roach (smaller than Tuesday).

After an hour or so the bites dried up so I put a ledgered pellet out to see if there was a chub or barbel about. I missed two wrap-around bites before connecting to the chunky 4lb barbel above. Great fun in the fast dark water and on a center-pin.

I hope they are all back on the feed!


  1. Nice Boris! Knew they were still on the feed (on and off lol)....Must try to get another one myself this weekend, although somewhat limited for time annoyingly. Shame the bread tip didn't pay off, but that's the rivers roach for you.....finicky buggers.


    1. Thanks for the tips. And the photos. I'm a pretty lucky fisherman except when it comes to roach... But I will get one eventually!

      Good luck on the weekend!

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    1. Cheers Stu, first one for me since September!

  3. Really enjoying this blog. Tooting resident here, recently rediscovered fishing, I'd like to catch something from the wandle (a fish not a disease! ) but I only use lures. Haven't tried anything yet but have a few ideas.
    Thames pike is also a plan (not doing too well on that so far)
    Tight lines!

    1. It's not ideal for lure fishing, there are some big chub but not many pike or perch. Probably need to swap over to bait fishing for the Wandle.

      Last season was my first season piking on the Thames - one lost fish all year!

      This year I've moved more upstream where there are greater numbers of pike. Although people keep assuring me there are pike around the weirs all along the river.

      Glad you like the blog!

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    1. Cheers Paddy, was great to be reminded how hard they fight!