Monday 9 January 2012

A January Eel

Yesterday saw myself and Dan head to the Wandte to see if the chub and barbel wanted to play, they didn't! The only fish that made an appearance was this eel, which makes me think; if an eel will feed at this time of year surely the chub and barbel will.

Time to experiment with some new baits, we covered a lot of water so we must have been in the vicinity of our target species (and I'm pretty sure the gear is fine). We just have to tempt one into taking the bait, I'll do some research but if anyone has any suggestions of an effective winter barbel bait please let me know - thanks.

While wandering about looking for new swims I did spot a shoal of perch, no big fish but I'm yet to catch a Wandte perch, so that's my next target (along with a winter barbel).

Meanwhile on the River Wye, which is back to a fishable water level, Roger and Paulos went in search of a pike. A seven pounder to Paulos and a sixteen pounder to Roger - good work guys! I'll pop some photos on here when I get them.


  1. Brian, not a Barbel fisherman myself but I believe meatballs are good in winter

  2. tried that, maybe a chub or two, def an eel! But might have more luck than I.

  3. Thats a grand looking Eel Brian and love the robin, A couple of my mates fish barbel through winter and the tend to dip the hookbait or hair rigged bait in liquid honey, Works well for them so it could be worth a try in your waters,
    Well done to Paulos and roger on there captures,

  4. Cheers guys. And thanks to the guys that emailed me their secret bait recipes.

    Meatballs dipped in honey will be on the menu!

    I think another approach will be tiny baits, little cubes of meat and small halibut pellets... Either that or stick to pike fishing until the weather warms up!

    I am hindered by the lost of my lucky hat, I'm sure it's in the house somewhere - the results from the mad search have made it look like I've been burgled!

  5. Hi there, I live in the flats at Abbey Mills and often see people fishing in front of the William Morris and near the water wheel but have never seen anyone catch anything. Is this stretch of the river where you guys had some of your impressive captures? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  6. I have fished there a couple of times but no good, you can see carp swimming about there in the summer but I think they are too wise (and over fished for).

    The best advise I can give, only having fished just over a year on the river & knowing hot-spots are closely guarded secrets, is to travel light and fish every likely looking spot. You'll soon build up a picture of where the fish holding spots are.

    And probably wait until the weather gets warmer, most of the seasoned regulars struggle in the winter. And I can't get a bite!

  7. Hi Brian
    Thanks for the advice, popped to Gerrys and picked up a nice 9ft quiver tip and a net and hit the Wandle for a few hours. Tried a few spots to no avail before trying a little spot near my flat just after dark. 20 mins later out came my first Wandle fish, a lovely 3lb barbel. Chuffed to bits as was hoping for a chub at best! Wished I'd tried years ago. Hope your fishing well and look forward to bumping into you on the bank....

    1. Nice one Darren, if you can get one at this time of year you'll be sorted when the weather warms up! See you bank-side.