Tuesday 10 January 2012

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Enough about Jack's Pike, here is Roger's pike from the weekend, 16lb 8oz on ledgered sprat. Great photo (it does help fishing with a professional photographer though). Top work!


  1. Thats a great catch and a great picture,

  2. Well done Dad! It was my pleasure to put the net under that one. Roger fought this one hard and it fought back equally so. At one stage it jumped completely clear of the water and almost into the waiting net.
    For anyone wondering what the pink blob is directly above the pikes eye in the picture it was the pikes top lip at the scissors. Possibly through a previous encounter with another angers line the scissors were slightly torn and had lodged inside the pikes mouth, giving it a rather sinister look with the big bottom teeth showing. We were able to put it right although I'm sure it will always look a bit odd.


    1. When you have a sec can you send me the original photo, and the one you caught - cheers

  3. Hi, Have found this blog with great interest! looking at the photos regarding River Wye Pike are you fishing the Wilton Bridge to Canoe launching House at Ross On Wye on the town side?! i fish this river quite alot as its only 15min drive from where i live but cant seem to catch any over 12lb! some of the fish you have had out are stunning and would love to catch a twenty! what sort of approach do you normally adopt. float/ledger?! baits?! any help would be great. Many Thanks, Paul

    1. Hi Paul, Yeah these fish were caught on the Wilton stretch.

      The best advise I can give is use small baits - it sounds wrong but all the twenties me and my friends have caught have been on bleak or sprats. I prefer float fished live bleak if I can catch livebait, if not a float fished sprat will do the job.

      And keep moving, if a spot doesn't produce move to the next one. If you're catching pike to 12lb it's just a question of time before you bump into a twenty.

      Good luck!