Saturday 22 October 2011

Penton Hook IV

Another day on Penton Hook, and the early morning water looked great (unfortunately I overslept and was about an hour late).

And riverbank breakfast was fantastic (although we forgot the brown sauce).

We started off feeder fishing, but all we could catch was gudgeon (a pike did have one off the hook).

And then we pike-fished into dark without a run (but we'll be back).


  1. Back to the 80s?

  2. Great day on a great looking water Brian,
    I keep telling people that Gudgion are a great Pike bait and they seem to look at me as though im'e daft haha Just goes to show,
    Good luck on your next trip out mate,

  3. looks like a nice piece of water! breakfast of champions right there! good luck!

  4. Mudskippers and a fry up, thats the life right there:)