Wednesday 26 October 2011

Roach Race

A couple of trips out in search of a roach this week, and I did manage to find a couple among the gudgeon. Best so far is a fish of about 8oz (bad photo above). I did however loose two, in two casts, both at the net, and both appeared to be well over the pound mark... It'll keep me coming back!


  1. Thats a good fish Brian,
    I think this could be a hard target though as there can't be many of these over the 1Lb mark, I will be keeping a good watch for your reports,
    I will also be keeping my fingers crossed for you,
    Good luck mate,

  2. Cheers Paddy.

    From what I've heard there used to be a good head of big roach in the river, until it was polluted in 2007. Most of the fish stocks are recovering but the roach (and perch) seemed to get hit the hardest.

    I was told there were two 2lb roach caught last year, both from the same spot and that's the spot I'm targeting. It's a shame I lost the two bigger fish on Tuesday, I'm pretty sure they would both have been over the pound mark... So fingers crossed for next time...

  3. I was chatting to a guy at work who has fished the river a lot longer than me, and before the 2007 pollution incident and apparently dead 4lb Roach were recovered at that time. Not 100% sure of the facts but just shows you that the Roach here definetly do have potential.


  4. Keep the quest for the roach up mate....I had an endless stream of them in 2 short sessions today on the river. Including a nice brace of 1lb dead on and 1lb 6oz. Bread was the killer bait!