Tuesday 21 June 2011

Snags & Rain

An evening session, and I was trying to avoid the rain. Dan and a mate of ours, Phil, went fishing in the rain, I decided to wait out the storm and join them later.

I started off downstream of them and work my way up. Bite first cast, which I missed, bite second cast which I hit - the fish powered off downstream before finding a snag (the fish in this river really know where the snags are). A few casts later and I landed a small chub - or so I though - when I went to unhook it I found it was a dace, 9oz a new PB, and on a large cube of luncheon meat!

I wandered upstream and met Dan and Phil, Dan had landed one barbel of 1lb and lost two larger ones - the fish in this river really, really know where the snags are! Phil was packing up due to an early start tomorrow, but Dan and myself fished on, we really don't know when to give up.

We fish for a couple of bite-less hours and were just about to call it quits when I had a slamming bite and landed a 3lb barbel, I quickly follow this with an 8oz fish, both to luncheon meat. Half an hour later, with no more bites, we headed for the kebab shop. We're yet to land a big barbel this season, but we are starting to locate them...

So the barbel challenge now stands at eleven fish for 13lb 10oz with the biggest being 3lb... Plenty of room for improvement!


  1. Really looks like you are off to a flying start,
    Well done on the Dace and the new PB well worth a trip out,

  2. Think you'll break the 100lb mark easy, and more once you hit a few bigger ones.


  3. great start to the season brian top dangling,hope to see u on the bank soon

  4. Cheers guys. I'm not sure we'll do it easily, another week and they will have wised up to us fishermen and be far harder to catch! And the fact we've lost every decent fish we've hooked doesn't look good on the old fishing CV... But it's a lot of fun. See you on the riverbank soon...

  5. Hi! Nice trip! Did you try cheese? :)

  6. Haven't tried cheese yet, probably stick to luncheon meat for another week until they wise up to it then I'll try the milky cheese!!