Thursday 23 June 2011

One Pound Beer!

An afternoon on the Wandte with Dan and Phil, which turned into an afternoon and evening (as usual). The barbel weren't playing today so no progress on the barbel challenge.

Although after a couple of swims I hooked into a coat hanger which in turn hooked into an old Budweiser can for a total combined weight of 1lb dead, it didn't put up much of a fight but I thought I'd photograph it anyway.

Next up I had a chub of 2lb 7oz on hair-rigged halibut pellet, it was a beautiful gold colour (the photo doesn't do it justice) followed by a second chub, 3lb 3oz, again to halibut pellet. And Dan finished with an eel of about a pound... We'll get those barbel next time...


  1. Hi Brian and well done on the coat hanger and can, Must be a new PB haha, The Chub in the second picture looks like it must have had a lucky escape from a Pike going by the scales round its middle, Then another to finish with, Me and my Fishing Buddie Eddie have come to the conclusion that the waters here are still on the cool side, Does the water feel cold in your area Brian ?,

  2. Hi Paddy, yeah it's new PB beer can / coat hanger combo! There are no pike in the Wandle so I'm not sure what caused the scar on the smaller chub.

    I've only fished the Wandle so far this season and as it's only 9 miles long and very shallow it's pretty much air temperature, I'm sure the bigger waters take longer to heat up.