Thursday 16 September 2010

The Gudgeon King!

Another afternoon on the Wandte and I caught the biggest gudgeon I've ever seen, it was over 6 inches long, must be 4oz in anyone's book. Initially I thought it was a tiny barbel, couldn't believe it was a gudgeon (the current British record is 5oz). Ledgered breadflake intended for roach did the trick.

A nice looking, fish-less swim.

The rest of the afternoon we explored new swims. Without a bite. We know there are bigger barbel in there we just need to find them.

As the light faded we went back to the weir, as the tally stood at one giant gudgeon and a small roach to me, we thought we might get some barbel. Dan was first off the mark with a mirror carp, we thought it was a barbel until he got it to the net. About a pound and a half, two pound (broken scales). I then had a barbel about 12oz and one about 1lb 4oz.

Dan's mirror carp, sorry about the focusing Dan.

And hello to the guy I met who reads this blog, it's an odd experience when someone walks up to you and says 'you're the bloke that's got the website'. Anyway, hope you caught some fish. I didn't think until after you'd gone to ask your name, but I do remember you are a Wandle Piscator.

And I think I'll add this photo, because I seem to be smiling for a change.

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  1. Great Gudgion Brian, That is a massive fish,
    And yes Your smiling hahahaha,