Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sea Dragons

I didn't get out fishing over the weekend, I was on Walney Island in Cumbria, but while walking along the beach on a very choppy high tide I did see a pipefish that had been washed ashore.

Initially I thought it was dead but it moved, I've never seen a live one before - a quick photo before I returned it to the sea.

While wandering about I found two more, both of which were returned alive to the sea… Might not have been fishing, but finding live sea dragons more than made up for it!

And as I'd found dragons I thought I'd take some photos of their Jurassic waterscape...

Massive rocks towering over the clear water...

Deep gullies and ferocious currents...

Well, that has spoiled the illusion!


  1. Great pics. Sea Dragons are very cool.

    1. Great to see, even better to return alive.

  2. The lure of the rock pool, it never diminishes :o)

    1. Remember crab fishing in Cornwall with my brother, the orange string, rusty hook and limpet for bait... Every kid should do it, whether they're 4 years old or 38...