Sunday, 22 July 2012

Photos From The Riverbank 3

Ducklings at sunset (iPhone).

Duckling - couldn't resist another photo (iPhone).

Bee feeding. Difficult to photograph!

Parakeet (older photo).

Toad about as big as my thumb nail.

Bug, not sure what type. Mayfly - Thanks Ollie.

Geese at sunset (iPhone).

Red eared terrapin.

Sunset over Clapham Common Pond (iPhone).

Graffiti. Gang tag? Weirdly we call this section of river the dead zone because it doesn't seem to contain any fish... I expect the artist meant something else though (iPhone).

Still working on the kingfisher photo...


  1. Mayfly, maybe?

    1. Thank you - I thought it was a mayfly when I was photographing it, wasn't so sure when I looked at the photo - it was tiny, easier to see in the photo than reality.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers. Really getting into this nature photography now - except the kingfishers are driving me nuts!

  3. These are really beautiful pictures which freshen up the thoughts.