Monday 12 April 2021

On This Day 2018

Three years ago today...
A double figure brown trout on the fly, followed by a 7lb rainbow from the legendary Lechlade - doesn't feel like 3 years...


  1. Replies
    1. Stocked fish and an expensive day - but a hell of a fight on a light fly rod. I’ll be back...

  2. Slightly bigger than the ones I was getting on the upper wye at the weekend!

    1. Nice one! My best from The Wye was 6lb 4oz when I was a kid - but the photo is long lost - it might have been a salmon!

    2. That’s a cracker! There was a nice brownie out from club waters in the autumn. Going to try and catch a salmon this year but might be difficult!

    3. Having not fished The Wye for over a year I’m just looking forward to wetting a line in it - it’ll probably be a perch session first - although anything will do to start!

      I’d love a fresh silver Wye salmon - very best of luck.

    4. I bet! Not done much perching on the wye, the pike tend to distract me but there’s some big ones around.

      It would be very nice indeed.. cheers - I’ll let you know!