Friday 9 October 2020

Sushi 17:59

Sushi Lure
I had a strict last cast time - it was 18:00 - then I really did have to leave. And having thrashed the ponds to a foam, covered lots of water and changed lure regularly - I'd only banked a small perch - looked like my second trip out searching for pike was going to be a blank.

Pike 6lb 12oz
In the dying minutes I spotted a shoal of small roach on the surface - 17:57 - quickly snapped on a sushi lure - 17:59 - finally had the take I was after - 4 hours of hard work but I got my prize last cast. I quickly popped her on the scales - a 6lb 12oz pike to better next time...


  1. just in time. A lovely pike too!

    1. Made me work for it (and the seagulls kept diving on the lures which was a pain) but worth it in the end!