Tuesday 31 December 2019

Lazy Fisherman 2019

The stats are in for another year - time to see how far I walked with my lazy hobby in 2019. Very slightly less than the last two years but still over two thousand miles - 2,099 miles - or 80 marathons!

Three years is enough to see the average is over two thousand miles a year - so over 22,000 miles since starting this blog - and God knows how many miles since first picking up a fishing rod... Lazy? Nope!

Distance Walked 2019

Distance Walked 2018

Distance Walked 2017


  1. How many fish/pounds thereof per mile/yard? I reckon I could match you on that calculation and I only walked about a mile and a half ;o)

    1. Don’t give me another stat to obsess about :-)
      Crap... I’m going to do it...

    2. Haven’t got a record of every fish, so this is my BPM (Barbel Per Mile): I caught 170 barbel last year so that’s 170/2099, about 0.08 BPM - an incredibly low number!!

    3. Yeah but what if you stayed where you caught a fish from and kept the milage down but the barbel tally up. Your system is flawed..... or is the stats?
      Happy New Year

    4. Should have done it the other way round: 12.3 MPB (Miles Per Barbel) - that’s probably the worst result in Blogland! Anyone who does even a bit of bait and wait would beat me.

      Happy New Year... On to the next 2,000 miles...