Tuesday 15 October 2019


You can count the people who deliberately target perch on the local river on one hand, probably on one finger - but I knew there were pound plus perch in there - I’d seen them - or was I going mad?

I was off to a good start - landing two small perch on maggots while trying to catch minnows for livebait. With 4 minnows sat in the net I swapped to a chubber float and a bigger hook.

Trotting down then gently winding back, just as the light faded my float hammered under - good fight and I was delighted when a spikey fin broke the surface - 1lb 7oz - mission accomplished!

Releasing the fish I accidentally freed my livebaits - but the one on the hook still looked good - so out of light I had one more trot down and a 1lb ½oz perch to finish on. The quest for a two starts here!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers, let’s hope there is a two pounder lurking about somewhere in that river...

  2. There's always a big perch in there but they take some finding. I wish you luck.

    1. There was pollution that killed all the perch back in August 2012, no perch were spotted for a few years afterwards - has there been enough time for them to find their way back in and grow to two pounds yet?

    2. Given a good supply of food fish, perch can pile it on. Ask anyone that's had one in their garden pond, no more goldfish just a big fat stripey.

      You had one just 9oz short..... It's as good as in your photo album ;o)

    3. The river is teeming with minnows and tiny chublet, if it remains pollution-free I’m sure it will produce big perch in the near future (bet I’m not the only one fishing for them then).

      You’re right though, just 9oz short and I doubt I happened to catch the biggest one there... Back to the river... As soon as I get back to England...