Monday 2 September 2019

Too Much To Resist

I’ve seen this koi swimming about numerous times, but being highly visible she’s seen it all before - still I couldn’t resist. An early start and I positioned myself upstream, floating bits of bread down to her, she examined each piece but wouldn’t commit.

After 15 or 20 minutes she finally sucked in a bit of crust - the next one had a hook in it! Hell of a scrap in the fast water - what a beauty - had to get a quick photo of both sides. Mission accomplished I celebrated with a few splasher barbel.

For the barbel records: 5½lb, 1½lb, ½lb & ½lb (84)


  1. Thats what it looks like out of the water! Still don't want it, haha. I bet it fought well in that flow mind you.

    1. The most targeted fish in the river! But not uncatchable as it turns out :-)