Friday 21 June 2019

Summer Barney

Taking advantage of the light summer evening I was standing up to my neck in stinging nettles watching a big barbel cruising between the weed beds. When I saw my moment I gently lowered a freelined piece of luncheon meat directly below my rod tip...

She nailed it straight away and ploughed into the weeds while I got stung by every nettle getting her out - but it was worth it when a summer double was resting in the net - until I popped her on the scales - 9lb 15oz - but who cares about 1oz - what a beauty!

For the records: 9lb 15oz, 4lb & 2½lb (23)


  1. Boom! so close but as you say, who cares!

    1. Yeah, cracking fish and cracking fight in that shallow weedy water. Big frame, be a very big fish later in the season (probably when you catch her :)

    2. She’s probably a double already ;-)