Sunday 23 June 2019

Carp On The Fly

I’ve caught pike, trout, chub & shad on the fly but I fancy adding a few more species this season - first target: a carp. A few hours on a shallow little pond, plenty of carp and importantly lots of fly life.

Stalking fish I tried a few patterns before one nailed a black & green zig-bug - and they don’t half fight on an 8 foot #4/5 weight rod! Over the next couple of hours I added 4 more to 8lb 12oz - great fun!

Next target species; it’s got to be a barbel...


  1. Pukka stuff mate, glad to see you get amongst them, when my back is up to it I'll be up there myself.

    1. Hoping to get a few new fly-caught species, but I’ll definitely be up for another crack at those carp. Would love a double on that light set up.