Friday 11 May 2018


I was watching Taskmaster (Dave, Wednesdays at 9pm), if you haven't seen it a bunch of comedians are set tasks and are marked on how well they do, it's very good. The tasks are random and funny - but I thought it would make a better fishing program - examples below:
  • Catch a species of fish you've never caught before.
  • Design, build and catch a fish on a homemade lure.
  • Catch the most species of fish in 8 hours.
  • Unexpected bait; bleak on a cornflake? carp on Ferrero Rocher?
  • Catch a fish from an unusual location.
  • Catch as many fish as you can in 10 minutes.
Edit: As Dave mentioned in the comments, it is too much like match fishing, I thought I'd add a few more tasks that are not:
  • Make the most epic 30 second fishing video.
  • Most interesting thing found/caught while fishing.
  • Sneak the heaviest item into your mate's fishing bag.
  • Most exaggerated photo of a fish (no Photoshopping).
Improved Fishmaster! So if you're reading this and you make TV programs send the royalty cheques to Brian c/o Pike Blog - thanks!!


  1. Replies
    1. On Wednesday after a few beers I had it all mapped out, a YouTube channel, a list of increasingly bizarre tasks, and a celebrity special guest list... On Thursday morning when my brain was my own again I just wanted to make the lure...

  2. That lure is a shoe-in for a pike mate but the rest is a bit too much like match fishing.

    Matt Hayes tried Ferrero Rocher for carp in Italy once - failed. Strawberry worked though ;o)

    1. The lure was the one that really appealed to me (going to make a second version without the sharp beer lid).

      Matt failing to do something that made the edit - surely not :-)

    2. My faith in fishing programs was lost when I saw one being filmed on Bury Hill. The presenters had a run, left it for a minute or so before the lights came up and one played it in.

      Then three of them spent 10 minutes unhooking an obviously deep hooked fish before dunking it back in the net, next the lights came back on, the presenter hauled it in looked at the camera and said “oh the hooks have come out in the net, that was lucky”.

      Held it up, filmed it, took a dozen photos before saying “let’s get it back straight away” and filmed the release.

      Next they filmed the bobbins, one pulled the line while the other announced a run, ran over and ‘hit’ it straight away...

      You can imagine what that looked like when edited!

    3. *Lost faith in fishing programs except Fishmaster, that’s going to be awesome ;-)

    4. Did they put a can or bucket on the line for the 'playing' shots? It's TV Brian and nothing is as it seem on TV.
      I think there are much worse than Matt Hayes out there ;o)