Thursday 24 May 2018


It’s the first time I haven’t been to a Star Wars film on the opening day since 1983. Sadly The Last Jedi killed the franchise for me, OK the prequels weren’t great - but at least we had a story arc, defined powers and even lightsaber duels (how did they forget that!).

Watching a film about slowly running out of petrol, crank phone calls and space penguins has pushed it too far. And I’m not alone, Streatham Odeon cancelled the midnight premiere of Solo due to lack of ticket sales... Come back George, all is forgiven!

Yeah, I will watch it soon, I really liked The Force Awakens and it’s pointless cousin Rogue One - and after a couple of days they tend to stop guarding the door - I’ll get an afternoon showing, with the cinema to myself for free! And take a couple of back-up beers!!

Instead I went to the carp pond for a couple of hours stalking, just one lost fish - I think the cold rain last night put them off. But it’s an excuse for a Last Jedi rant before I watch Solo. Expect the next rant when they announce Boba Fett: A Star Wars Musical...


  1. My friend and superfan Jedi, yeah that’s his real name, says “it’s pretty good”. Just need the cinema staff to let their guard down...

  2. I enjoyed Rogue One more than any of them since Return of the Jedi, but the last one was dire and I don't expect to much from this latest effort.

    If they'd only stop pandering to children and merchandising..... what am I saying?