Thursday 26 April 2018

Towpath Tall Tails

The canal towpath is laden with tall tails, created and propagated by experts who wander about shouting at their dog while drinking a can of lager, no matter what time of the morning it is...

I was following a canal zander tail. I knew it was unlikely, I'd looked in the clear water on loads of occassions, but I still went and thrashed the water with some lures for a couple of hours.

Unsurprisingly no zeds, but I did loose a pike and landed the 6lb 6oz fish above, really thin condition from spawning - I bullied her in and allowed extra recovery time before she swam away strongly.

I think I'll leave the lures at home for a few months - I don't want to catch pike when they are in poor condition - I'll be back when they are at their best - and I want to see this beauty again..!


  1. Proper urban. You weren't holding your rod in your teeth though.

    1. Now you’ve said that I really wish I had - going to give them a break for a bit then make it a mission to get that photo!