Sunday 29 April 2018

Match: Marsh Farm 1

A trip to Marsh Farm to see if the crucians wanted to play but the weather had turned and conditions were against us. So me and the Canal Carp King decided to have a match, 4 points for a crucian, 2 for a tench and 1 point for anything else over a pound.

It was tough going, we both fished hard and both landed nine fish, James had nine tench (18 points) but I had eight tench and a bonus 2lb 1oz first crucian of the season (20 points) - the points system and a bit of luck had worked in my favour - I lifted the gold!

And with a misguided canal bream match coming up - I’m getting this win on the record!!


  1. "misguided"?, I am as likely to win as you are!, I look forward to it though, bets please!!!

    1. Misguided on my behalf, I’m the one with the bream curse. 10/1!