Sunday 31 December 2017

Lazy Fisherman

Just over a year ago James and I were grayling fishing on a frosty river, after an hour I looked across the field at our tracks in the frost - footprints everywhere - how far had we walked back and forth?

I told TC and she got me a Fitbit watch last Christmas, I’ve worn it every day for a year - not just fishing but obviously chasing fish is a big part of my routine - is fishing a lazy hobby?

The results are in: Over 4.6 million steps or 2,235 miles - that’s the same as 85 marathons or walking from London to Cairo! In fact a friend of mine who also wears a Fitbit is a keen jogger and she didn't travel as far - lazy hobby? Nope!


  1. If you sat by a carp pond I don't think the barrow would need a new set of wheels though - it just goes to show how much effort goes into fishing rivers!

    1. I think you’d be surprised how far even a carp angler travels. We fishermen put a hell of a lot of effort into being this lazy!