Wednesday 11 October 2017

Jack Boat Joy

It's impossible to take a selfie with a fish in a boat. Fact. That's why you need two anglers in a boat - which is good news for me! We set out to explore another section of The Thames.

It's better to explore the winter fishing grounds now in the clear water - we can see the obvious snags - and if one of us is going to fall in (test a life jacket) I'd rather do it before it gets cold!

A lot of water covered, some interesting spots discovered and a few jack pike for good measure - a lovely afternoon in the sunshine - just need a lottery win to do this full time...


  1. Ha, i wouldn't mind either, we did get plenty of water covered, can only imagine what size that bigger one was I lost, so pissed at that, but retribution is best served WET! So I best get back out there, Saturday?