Thursday 24 August 2017

Rat Attack!

I've been told if a rat is cornered it will fight. I startled one on the river earlier, it wasn't cornered, it had plenty of escape routes but started running towards me. I stamped my feet and banged the landing net on the floor, but it kept coming. I dropped the rod and started back tracking* but it was after me, I had no choice but to scoop it up in the net.

In the net it started screaming and trying to escape - I catapulted it well down the river - it landed with a splash but was fine and swam to the opposite bank. I had a scout about to see if I was standing near it's babies, but I don't think they are particularly protective.

I have no idea why it ran towards me, was it going to attack? Perhaps it had been poisoned or had rabies or just having a seriously bad day. I was wondering if any other anglers out there in blog-land have had a similar experience? I'd love to know. (Photo from Google).

I didn't have long today but decided to use up the rest of the tin of luncheon meat from yesterday, three barbel going 4lb 4oz, 5lb 2oz and 7lb 14oz. Great stuff!

*back tracking = running away!


  1. The 7 looks plump sir, did you force feed it the remains of the meat?

    1. Weirdly it's this seasons only recapture and it is 3oz lighter than it was last month.

      Ever been chased by a rat?

  2. Chased by a rat? You big sissy :o)

    It's certainly not something I've witnessed and I've seen plenty of rats by the water. Did you have cheesy feet?

    1. I know but in my defence it was a mean looking rat!

      There are loads of them and normally they run away, perhaps they are getting organised - there are more of them than of us! OK, it was probably cheesy feet!