Thursday 1 June 2017

Pre-Season 2017/18

It's funny writing my traditional pre-season post as I haven't stopped fishing. I've hit the stillwaters, extending my PB challenge through the closed season - I've been on a roll, adding three more:

Rainbow Trout 5lb 3oz - Previously 4lb 0oz

Golden Orfe 5lb 1oz (61%) - New entry *Upped twice

Tench 7lb 12oz (51%) - Previously 6lb 4oz (41%) *Upped 3 times

But on to the new river season. Although the PB Challenge has been cracked I'm still on a personal best mission, the initial target is a monster chub, I got close to cracking the seven pound mark last season - lets see if I can go 4oz better this time.

The next major target is a twenty pound pike, haven't caught one over the magic weight since 2011 - it's time for another. Not just limited to The Wye, I've been searching out a few new venues - perhaps even a tidal one?

Roach, dace, gudgeon, perch... To be honest it's just going to be great to get back on the rivers, stillwaters tide me over for the three months but main event is just two weeks away...

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