Tuesday 20 June 2017


A midday mission to the river - the worst time for catching fish but the best time for spotting them, I also wanted to see what features had changed - new weed beds, shopping trolleys etc.

And it was hot. Bloody hot. My Spam was melting, really soft and didn't want to stay on the hook - need some co-op luncheon meat, that stuff is pretty indestructible!

The fish were at bottom weight but were really on the munch despite the weather, and fought hard! Ten barbel the best two both weighing 7lb 12oz each...

I lost count of the chub but I landed five over 3lb with the best going exactly 4lb 0oz...

Fed up with the meat I went and bought some bread and landed four roach, weighing one at 12oz. Plus a bonus trout about 2lb...

I could have had more but it was hot. Bloody hot. So there was only one thing for it..!


  1. Corking day in the hot hot heat.

    1. Cheers, great result (apart from slicing my thumb open on the Spam tin :-)