Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Wye Christmas 2

When some anglers dream of fishing they dream of summer afternoons, hot weather, bubbling tench and cruising carp. I dream of winter mornings, crisp frost and thick fog. And pike.

This morning me and Steve headed out into a perfect morning on The Wye - the pike are playing tough to catch but there might be a monster in the mist...

And Steve had a run and was into a pike while we were still setting the kit up. At 15lb 8oz it was a great way to start, perhaps they were switched on today?

It's worth noting this one fell to one of Steve's favourite pike baits; a mackerel fillet, yeah fillet - I've used whole mackerel, heads, tails and even the middle section but just haven't had the confidence to use fillets - works for Steve, and now it's on my list.

If one was feeding hopefully there were more - we walked miles putting a deadbait in every likely looking hole (and chucking a few lures about) but nothing else wanted to play...

It wasn't until we were packing up as the sun was setting before I had a missed run, a new sprat was quickly cast out while the lure rod was broken down - and it was away. All day but a 14lb 0oz reward was totally worth it - best of the season so far!

Yeah there is blood on the pike - mine! I get caught by the gill rakers fairly regularly and occasionally by the teeth, but this is the first time a pike has ever clamped down and shook - it's like getting your fingers caught in a spiked vice... poor bleak!


  1. Lovely Wye pike, Brian. I must have a go for one before the end of the season!

    1. It tough going at the moment but hopefully I'll be back before the season ends, fancy bagging a few more myself. Get on it! And good luck.

  2. Some nice pike there! Planned to head down this morning but didn't fancy the journey with the fog and ice - so stuck to the local Severn. Tough going much like the wye, but managed a jack to save the blank.

    1. It's the odd pike here and there, not sure why they aren't feeding - it looks perfect. Think I'll leave it a month or so and have another bash before the season ends. A jack is much, much better than a blank!!