Friday 16 December 2016

Jack S...!

Christmas is coming and it's been almost a month since I've been fishing so I jumped at the offer of two or three days chub fishing with James on The Stour.

Things didn't go to plan, it was a struggle. I didn't manage a chub with a trotting day and a bait and wait evening, I didn't hear of anyone else landing a chub either. Except James - the only chub in the river?

Day two and I wasn't really feeling it - so while James went after chub - I went on a lure chucking mission! I nearly always pack a few lures on away days.

While James worked very hard for a second chub. I walked miles and miles for a half a dozen follows and a couple of jacks - love pike and love catching them on lures - so can't complain.

The pike were covered in leaches where they hadn't moved much, the other fish were probably lethargic as well in these weird up-n-down, hot-n-cold winter conditions...

In an uncharacteristicly sensible decision we opted not to struggle through a third day - I probably should go Christmas shopping tomorrow anyway!


  1. It was tough mate, I don't think I've worked harder for such a reward, very testing times on the least we had a laugh!

    1. Really tough. Fair play sticking to the chub fishing you really earned those fish!