Friday 11 November 2016

Red Two: Part 1

When I started this season's PB Challenge one target really stood out - and for once it wasn't a pike - I really want a 2lb roach! Yeah - I blame you James!!

I was trotting for chub back in the summer when I spotted a shoal of roach, I cast to them and the biggest one nailed my bread flake - size 12 hook to 4lb line, so the odds were in my favour - so I was gutted when it shed the hook right at the net. I don't think it was a two, but still a big roach.

The shoal had disappeared, and although the river is a pain to get to I've been back a few times for look - no sign of them. With the recent rain I went back and fished the spot I lost my fish hoping the coloured water would give them more confidence.

With no visibility it was a bait-n-wait and I'd almost given up hope when just before sunset there was a little tap tap on the tip... The fish I was after, possibly the same one I lost in the summer - I'd like to think so.

A new personal best of 1lb 14oz - Get in!


  1. Corker, that's a real porky Roach isn't it. Love it !!

    1. Cheers James, another 2oz added to the PB, getting closer!

  2. small is beautiful13 November 2016 at 00:34

    Catching at least one fish for... every letter of the alphabet? Good start!