Sunday 28 August 2016

Night On The Farm

When you fish The Farm you build a swim, wait for your quarry and with any luck catch your prize. But you have to pack up before it gets dark - the fish start rolling and you know you're going to miss the golden hour. By chance I got to fish into the night - and confidence was high...

Starting late afternoon it was a bite a chuck; small perch, rudd, roach and the odd tench made it a pleasant few hours in the sun. I did loose a potential PB tench after a careful fight on 3lb line it shed the hook right at the net - annoying but I was here for gold...

As it got dark the fish started to swirl, the swin was baited and the trap was set. I just needed them to get their heads down and feed. They didn't.

One bite, one fish, it was my target but I think it's the smallest crucian I've ever caught (still used the net though). At 10pm I dashed off to get the train still wondering how it all went wrong!


  1. Looking at the first pic, seems like you chose a lovely spot - with water lilies, ideal for... pike (and other species?).

    1. Everything looked great, just didn't go off! Happens in fishing...