Friday 26 August 2016

Jack's Pike #300

Three hundred! Jack's Pike first appeared here in September 2010, initially a set of 12 strips, it built into 300 strips, three books and has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and on websites - and was even turned into an animated short on the DVD Caught In The Act, voiced by angling legends Mick 'The Duke' Brown and Neville Fickling!

Well that's it for the time being, who knows I might go back and write book 4 and I'm sure there will be the odd special now and again. The spin off, Fluff Chuckers, has just passed 4 years appearing monthly in Total Flyfisher magazine - and long may it continue.

Many thanks to everyone who has commented over the years, it really makes my day. And after 6 years Friday mornings won't be the same without Jack. Thanks again.


  1. r.i.p. jack spike(sic).and there was me thinking you just knocked them up in your coffee break!

  2. Thanks for all the good laughs and spot-on observations of angling life.

    1. And thanks for all the comments, I'm sure there was a few extra comics in those... I'm sure I'll write some more in the future...