Sunday 17 July 2016

Summer Wye IV

Beetle Spin: Most of my week on The Wye was spent trying to catch a new PB perch, with fresh tails of three and four pounders in my head I covered as much water as possible with Mepps and Beetle Spins.

Although I had 30-40 perch I couldn't find one over a pound, perhaps their bigger brothers and sisters wanted bait? I did manage quite a few chub on the lures, although they were a smaller stamp than their bait-caught relatives. I have a few plans for a big stripy, and I'll be back to The Wye for a pike or three later in the year...


  1. I've enjoyed reading about your Summer Wye trips, Brian. The river has been fishing really well these last few weeks.

  2. Cheers Ben. Always love fishing the Wye, plan on a few more trips there this season.