Monday 11 July 2016

Classic Kit?

With Paulos over from the States it was time to make a start going through the old kit...

Where on Earth did we get all this stuff from?

And is any of it worth any money?

There were some real gems...

Most of it was given away, but we couldn't part with some of it...

To the Google to find out more about this stuff...

That'll keep me busy for a while...

These for example are older than me, and bought from Woolworths...

And when this is sorted it'll be time to go through the Star Wars figures!


  1. some of it is,but you won't be hanging up your pencil just yet! hope you have the boxes for star wars!

    1. Top photo is a 1920's plug, the 2 brass salmon lures look to be worth about £80 each, the metal minnow is worth about £50 and the brass lure in the bottom photo is worth about £300 on initial research...

      Most of the Star Wars stuff is boxed and most the figures have their (opened) packaging - but that's a job for a distant day..!

  2. Sod values, do they catch?

    Some lovely lure there, who needs jellied shad? I love using propeller lures, the take always make me jump. And never underestimate the old mackerel spinner.

    1. I love catching pike on Jitterbugs - they always make me jump out of my skin.

      Not sure about using these, loosing a new lure is pretty gutting, snagging one worth £80 would probably see me going for a swim!

  3. That's a truly beautiful collection of vintage lures. Do you also have any spinning or casting reels from the (early) last century?

    1. Completely forgot about them, I'll take some photos next time when we drag it all out. I know there is an ancient pin and a multiplier and some really early fixed-spool reels. No rods though, one thing we didn't collect. Actually there is an ancient pike rod somewhere, wonder where that is?