Monday 9 November 2015

Photos From The Riverbank 7

I did pop out for an hour's rolling on Saturday for one little barbel (total now at 85). But instead of a photo of a little barbel I thought I'd continue my Photos From The Riverbank collection - it's been 2 years since the last update. Camel on the beach in Agadir, Morocco above.

Atlas Mountains, Africa.

Female stag beetle.

Looking into the eye of an Egyptian goose - looks pretty evil!

Bees do it!

Railey, Thailand.

Monkey on the beach, Thailand.

More monkeys.

Arapaima basking in the sunshine.

Feeding the fish.

Fed fish!

Ao Nang.


  1. I'll bet that camel was hell to land out of the surf!
    Nice pics.

    1. Did ride it down the beach at full pelt - had no idea how to steer and he didn't understand English so we just went where he wanted to go!