Saturday 11 October 2014

Stag Fight

My postponed first predator trip of the autumn, and perch were the target. Meeting up with James & Richard the plan was to travel light and cover as much water as possible...

And we covered some water; three lakes, two rivers and a relief channel - my legs are tired! And I blame the bright conditions for the lack of perch - still a jack just over a pound saved the blank.

It was great to explore some new water and I'll be back in more favorable conditions - thanks to James and Richard for sharing some of their haunts.

But the best part of the day was when a stag appeared on one side of the lake and issued a challenge. Soon a second stag appeared on the opposite bank and answered it. After a bit of posturing there was only one thing for it...

They waded into the lake for a fight...

Come on then...

Fight, fight, fight...

And for the loser, the long walk of shame (the winner had other duties).

Seriously though, what a spectacular sight, lasting about 5 minutes I feel privileged to have witnessed it. Fishing isn't just about catching fish and I love these moments.


  1. That's amazing. Nice photos.

  2. Right place at the right time, fantastic sight!

  3. The most liked thing I've ever put on Facebook (144 likes). Not that I'm counting!!