Saturday 6 September 2014


Rolling... 6lb 0oz

Rolling... 5lb 0oz

Rolling... 3lb 14oz


  1. Replies
    1. You planted the idea, until now it has been Limp Bizkit playing in my head. Right then, predators.

  2. not forgetting Roll with it by Oasis,

  3. No time for a report yesterday, as always on a Saturday I fish until the last minute then it's a mad rush to meet my girlfriend.

    But basically rolling SB5 meat and covering as much water as possible... Hooked 7 barbel and one chub, landing the 3 barbel, hook looked good but did swap it. The hook fell out in the net on the three landed - unlucky or they weren't feeding confidently?

    In the afternoon I was joined by Dan and Darren, we sat behind a various ledgered baits for a few hours but they didn't seem to want a static bait. Still we had a couple of beers and put the world to right.

    Darren fished on, last I heard he'd landed a chub - hopefully the barbel played when it got a bit darker.