Saturday 5 July 2014


Up at 4am to head to the river, it was pouring with rain, alarm reset for 7am, rain... This is one of the few rivers that really doesn't need any more extra water... Back to bed!

In the afternoon and in the spirit of a few more fishing trips this year me and Dan made the spur of the moment decision to head over to Clapham Pond for a couple of hours gudgeon fishing - the pond is carpeted with them - great fun. And a sneaky pint too - saved the day!


  1. bigger is better5 July 2014 at 19:55

    Small Is Beautiful! :)

  2. It's all too easy to get obsessed with chasing monsters, nice to enjoy catching tiddlers for a few hours!

  3. What a pretty little gudgeon. A great shame so many others never bother to fish for them.

  4. Every course angler should have at least one gudgeon trip per season!