Thursday 13 February 2014

They Think It's All Over...

And looking at the weather they could be right! 29 days left...

Photos of Penton Hook 'Island' from BBC News.


  1. What a wash out, looks absolutely terrible for the homeowners in the flood plains. Looks like the season has just not gone well for much river fishing at all. I'm realizing now just how lucky we were to get a couple of days in on the Wye last month.


    1. We were lucky, the thing I used to track the EA water levels crashed but I've been checking and it's mostly been in the fields since.

      Been sat here with the gear ready to go all day, waiting for a break in the weather... Got a bit of sun at the moment but it's going to pour down in a bit...

  2. It's all buggered now.june now