Thursday 9 January 2014

Into The Flood!

I had a 'quick' amend to an illustration this morning so I postponed my trip to the Wye until tomorrow. And as it turned out it was a quick amend - about 10 seconds - so I grabbed a tin of sweetcorn and headed off in search of a floodwater chub.

Trying a few swims it was about an hour before I had a bite, the rod ripped round and a fish shot downstream against a tight drag, and just as I convinced myself it was a barbel it jumped! A surprise brown trout, my first one ever on sweetcorn, a real beauty and at 3lb 11oz it would have been a PB if it was in season.

With the swim trashed I moved a short distance downstream and it wasn't long before I had another bite, target species this time and it looked well over 4lb as it dashed around in front of me - until the hook pulled - agghh!

Half an hour or so later another ripping bite, great fight and another sweetcorn trout, a long thin fish that went 3lb 4oz - where were they in the summer? Oh yeah, I hardly fished!

I continued my trip downstream as I fished into the sunset, but only got the odd knock here and there, the chub weren't on the feed today... But it was nice to catch a couple of fish in less than ideal conditions.

The trout were handled with the greatest of care and spent less than 30 seconds out of the water - I couldn't resist a photo.

Note to self: Explore this water thoroughly with fly-gear and polaroids in the summer!!


  1. Hi Brian.

    Nice fish. As they are out of season now and looking to reproduce, browns will chase or eat anything in their area of spawning.

    I hope you put them back gently so they can get on with their sexy business!!

    With fish like that in the river, maybe a fly rod in spring would bring you some great sport. Nice post.

    1. Both went back great - to do what they're ready to do!

      Explains why they were eating sweetcorn, only ever caught them on flies and worms before.

      Defininately going back with the fly gear later in the year. Cheers

  2. Why are trout so treasured? They are fish like any other?
    I hope the dace, roach, chub etc get treated with the same respect if caught out of season?

    1. I think all fish, in or out of season, should be treated with the up most respect - they are the future of our sport. I stressed it in this post because I know the trout are breeding at the moment.