Wednesday 4 December 2013

One Hundred Days...

Gentlemen (and Ladies) we have 100 days left of the course fishing season, and if you've had a shocker like me; now's the time to get on it!

I decided to get on it today, arriving at Walthamstow Reservoir before dawn armed with a variety of deadbaits and a good selection of lures. I kept on the move and fished hard but by lunch time I hadn't had a sniff. New lucky hat required?

In the afternoon I joined James fishing the Coppermill Stream, he had seen a couple of pike in the morning but they didn't want to play - he had however made a surprise catch, but I'll leave that to his blog.

We fished every likely looking spot as we made our way up the river for just one run between us. Yeah, I was net man and photographer again! Where do you buy lucky hats?

Without stealing James' thunder I'll just stick this teaser photo here, I'm sure the proper photos will soon arrive on his blog - and it's one of the prettiest looking pike I've ever seen.

With renewed vigor we fished on into the sunset but that was the only action of the day. One hundred days left... Got to get on it...


  1. No need for a new lucky hat, what you need are voodoo dolls of the people you fish with. Every time they get a run you stick the pins in and then offer to reel their fish in while they're doubled over in pain. Simple.
    On second thoughts, you'll be fishing with me before too long, so forget that idea and keep working on your netting and photographing skills. Hahahaha!

    1. I'm just glad to have seen a pike on both occasions! Next step - catch one!

      Net & camera on standby ready for January..!