Monday 17 June 2013

Stag Night

It's a sign weather has been mixed up this spring when I saw four stag beetles earlier today - 2 females & 2 males, I couldn't photograph the males as they were in flight.

Normally their brief period of fighting and breeding should have been over weeks ago, and I'm not sure tonight is going to be stag night, there doesn't seem to be enough around. I suspect the fish, who take their cue from the weather are behind as well.

This afternoon I headed out in search of a roach, but the few I did find couldn't be tempted - I did open this season's account with a dace - which I was very pleased to see!

As evening approach myself and Darren spent a couple of hours trying to find a rogue feeding barbel, but I'm sure they have other things on their mind, the only thing that took a fancy to a cube of luncheon meat was a chub.

I had planned to take the week off work but with the fish not playing, and with storms and showers forecast for the rest of the week I think I'll head back into the office tomorrow... Perhaps things will sort themselves out next week?!


  1. First fish of the season, nice.

    1. Cheers. The first fish of the season was an 8oz dace - but I was still very pleased to see it!

      Onwards and upwards...