Saturday 8 June 2013

Pre-Season 2013/14

It's the time of year I traditionally make plans in the excitement of the new season, plans that are forgotten within a week. So this year I'm going to keep it simple; the plan is to not get obsessed with one species or one river.

I quite fancy trotting for dace and roach, fishing surface lures for summer pike and perhaps some new venues targeting trout and bream. Barbel will still be on the radar, but hopefully there will be a bit more of a mixture, let's see if I stick to this one.

But I do need to set a season challenge, I like having a target to chase, and this year it's going to have to be pike...

I thought of a few ideas:
• A double every calendar month of the season
• Ten doubles from 10 different rivers
• 500lb of pike...

But I have to be realistic, weather, time and no local pike fishing (plus sticking with the overall plan). I think 200lb is a tough enough but achievable target, and still far more than I caught last season. Perhaps I'll get obsessed with it, in which case I'll up the target...

Seven days to go...

And it's going to have to be a great season to top last years, slightly half-arsed video I made at the end of March and never bothered to upload.


  1. Good luck with the Pike this season. I've decided that I'm going all out for some double figure Barbel and also to maybe, just maybe win the Piscators species cup after two second places...I doubt it though.

    1. Cheers, can't wait to get back at them, wouldn't mind a double barbel myself... Hope I didn't use up all my luck last season. Good luck with your challenges.

  2. publish or fish8 June 2013 at 19:57

    Brian, your readers are eagerly awaiting for Jack's Pike, vol.4. I do hope those fishing challenges are not going going to distract you from your publishing deadlines, of which I must remind you.

    Your publishing agent

    PS: good luck for those challenges. You have the talent and the dedication. You just need a bit of good luck and you'll be there!

    1. Cheers, hoping for the luck I've had over the past couple of seasons.

      Jack's Pike 4 - you slave driver..!

  3. I can think of a couple of waters close to you where you will at least find a few double figure pike. Get yourself another Wands' permit!

    1. If you'd like to be more specific I'm at brian(at) - thanks :)