Friday 3 May 2013

Wild Brown Trout

It's half-way through the closed season and a beautiful sunny afternoon, I didn't need any more of an excuse to go and chuck a fly about for a bit! In all honesty I did more exploring, fish spotting and bird watching than fluff chucking but it was great to be out.

I did spot a couple of trout to cast a fly at; the first one ignored me, despite floating a few different flies past him. The second one took, jumped and spat the fly out all in one spectacular motion. I watched the third follow the fly and suck it in... Fantastic aerial fight on light gear and my fishing fix was in the net.

A new PB of 3lb 10oz, but that didn't seem important, an absolutely beautiful brown trout - the photo isn't great but I wanted to get her back as quickly as possible. Right then, tench...


  1. lovely spotty there Brian, there seems to be so many female Trout I've had only one male out 11 Trout, great fun though!

  2. Brilliant fun when you hook one, I only saw four (one I simply couldn't get to) so my heart was in my mouth trying not to spook them or fluff the cast under the trees. Males more difficult to catch?

  3. Nice one

  4. Beautiful trout in a lovely spot - you are truly a "compleat angler" (and artist), Mr Pike bloke. (For game fish, the gentleman could possibly upgrade to tweed... or his own smart designer t-shirts).

  5. Nice one Brian, that is a lovely big trout worthy of a new PB, from a wee stream too,marvelous!

    1. Cheers Jake, a great fish - what a beautiful PB, delighted!