Saturday 11 May 2013

Technical Carp

I had planned on a few hours fly fishing today but strong winds rippling the surface was going to make spotting the trout difficult, not to mention casting, so I jumped on the train and joined Darren for a spot of carp fishing. I wasn't fishing today, I was just the silent observer.

Darren kicked off his carp campaign a couple of weeks ago and has so far landed four twenties to 26lb and a string of doubles (13lber pictured), and has his eye on a thirty.

Great fishing, but was what was even better for me was seeing some of the technical rigs and gadgets first hand. I'm more of a sweetcorn, bread, running ledger and waggler fisherman when it comes to carp - but there is definitely some stuff to explore here.

I'm still not 100% sure about course fishing in the closed season, even on a lake, but I might take my kit next time... Even if it's just an excuse to chuck the spod about!


  1. That 13lb carp of your pal looks just as impressive as those recent barbels of yours (including your PB). I dare not imagine what the 26lb carp looked like... When hooked, carp are said to give a real good fight - do take your kit, next time. You won't regret it.

    PS: over here on the continent, pike fishing opened on 1st May (after three months of closed season). Spotted one large -dead- wels catfish (Silurus glanis) floating down a flooded Seine, and another live and kicking one patrolling in one of the capital's lakes early in the morning, but well informed of the the dangers of spoons and spinners ?! Those beasts are definitely a must-have on an angler's wish list.

  2. Is that yellow sling thing legal for catching... Goliath fish?

  3. Cheers, will definitely be going after some river carp when the season opens, might give their lake dwelling brothers a blast... If I can bunch some time together...

    Go and catch a catfish (and send me the photo) - good luck!

    Never used a spod before, but it looks like fun... Target practice and baiting up in one.