Thursday 30 December 2010

Good Ol' Chub!

Getting better at these self-taken photos. 3lb 14oz

It was a milder day today in London, and as I haven't caught a fish all month, I thought I'd fish the last hour of daylight on the Wandte. I started fishing about 3pm and had my first bite about 10 minutes later. A tiny bite but connected with the 3lb 14oz chub above. About 30 minutes later I had another bite, this one wanted to pull the rod in, and went 3lb 6oz. I recast but the light was fading and I headed home at four.

Not even wearing a coat! Must be warm. 3lb 6oz

Hair-rigged luncheon meat in about 18 inches of water did the trick. Chub aren't known for being hard fighting fish - but nobody had told these two - they both gave a great fight and I was convinced I was connected to a carp both times.

And just before I left a fox jumped over the wall I was sitting propped against, landing in my lap... Don't know who was more shocked me or the fox? I left him some luncheon meat for his effort (and for not biting me).


  1. Good ol' Chub, More like great Looking Chub, They are belters mate, And to get them so close together this time of year is first class fishing, And as for the fox, Well did he Smell your fear when he landed hahahaha Sorry Brian,
    All the best to you and yours for 2011,

  2. I was just relieved to catch something! I did jump when the fox landed on me, but I initially thought it was a dog - it didn't scare me until I realised what it was.

    And Happy New Year


  3. Variety is the spice of life.

    River Wye is now clear of Ice although it is carrying 4 feet of coloured water. A week from now it'll be perfect.

    I live 2 miles from Ross-On-Wye.