Friday 20 August 2010

Eel Gripper™

Having problems getting your specimen eel to pose for the camera?
Tired of getting a face full of slime?
You need the new Eel Gripper™ from

Simply strap your eel in and take your photo!

Order now and get the book Pointless Top Tips absolutely free!
Sample: "Freezing earthworms makes them easier to sharpen"


  1. Hahahahahaha Thats great but the line
    "Freezing earthworms makes them easier to sharpen" Thats got to be the best hahaha
    Thanks mate,

  2. Genuine top tip: If you get up early, walk four miles to your favourite secret pike hot spot, carrying a ton of kit, an armful of rods and a heavy bucket of livebait - remember to take your reels!

    I was still at school when I did that, never forgotten it.

  3. hahahaha that is great, Did somthing similar myself, How could i foget my rod wrap hahaha,